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Top 10 Critical Things You Should Know
Before You Select a Sedation Dentist

Dr. Joseph G. Marcius has been providing IV Sedation Dental care to his patients for 25 years. He has had advanced training in this area and treats patients with many different types of dental needs, from simple cleanings to complex care.

Cosmetic dentistry is an investment in the future of your smile. And, like any investment, you'll want to do a little research before making a final decision. Dr. Marcius has had extensive training in Sedation, Cosmetic and Dental Implant Services. These guidelines can help you choose the practitioner who's right for you.

  1. Investigate the doctor's training.

    Most dental schools offer limited sedation training. Check that your dentist completed post-graduate training in sedation dentistry. Some types of sedation (for example, IV sedation or pediatric sedation) require advanced training and certification. In addition, the best sedation dentists regularly attend continuing education classes to stay up-to-date. Dr. Marcius has been providing IV Sedation for 25 years. He recertifies in patient monitoring, pharmacology and Advanced Cardiac Life Support on a regular basis.

  2. Check the doctor's credentials.

    Unlike other dental specialties , cosmetic dentistry is not recognized by the American Dental Association (ADA) as a specialty. However, cosmetic dentists can receive advanced education from Universities and Dental Training Institutes.The dentist should also be licensed through the state dental board. Dr. Marcius has had advanced training in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry at LVI, Dawson Center, Misch Implant Institute, Calderon Implant Institute, and many more.

  3. Investigate the doctor's training.

    The best cosmetic dentistry practitioners didn't just go to dental school; they also completed extensive post-graduate training programs that focus specifically on issues of cosmetic dentistry. In addition, the best dentists regularly attend continuing education classes to stay up-to-date on new procedures and materials.

  4. Start with a consultation.

    Going in for a consultation is a great way to learn more about a dentist and dental practice. Consultations are generally inexpensive, and are sometimes even offered for free. Talk to the dentist before you commit to anything. Remember, it's your job to make an educated decision. Dr. Marcius would like to meet you to discuss your dental concerns. We are treating you as a person and would like to give you the smile you deserve.

  5. Look for smile design experience.

    Cosmetic dentistry is as much art as it is science. In general, the more smiles a dentist has designed, the better that dentist's work will be. Smile design is about more than just your teeth; the dentist should also consider your lips, gum line, mouth shape and facial structure. Ask to see the final portraits of the dentist's actual patients. Visit Dr. Marcius'portrait studio where he may gift a portrait session to his cosmetic dental patients.

  6. Communication is key.

    It's essential that you be able to talk to your dentist - and that your dentist will listen to you! There's a lot of dialogue that needs to go into an individual long-term treatment plan. If you feel bullied, pressured, or rushed, then that's probably not the right dentist for you. We will answer all your questions as best we can. We maydo a mock up so that you can have an idea of what your smile will look like. Your temorary Veneers or crowns will be made to your approval and used as a guide to your Porcelain Veneers and/or Crowns.

  7. Look at before and after photos.

    Take a look at the dentist's portfolio before you make up your mind. Pay specific attention to cases that are similar to yours. Make sure that the photos are of actual work done by the dentist, not just stock photos. We proudly display after portraits of our patients throughout the office.

  8. A good lab technician is a valuable asset.

    The dentist might decide on the treatment plan, but it's the lab technician who'll actually fabricate the porcelain veneers or crowns that will be gracing your new smile. Great dentists are proud of their lab technicians and the materials they use. I have been working with the same Ceramist for 25 years. This allows us to obtain predictable results for our patients beautiful smiles. He is an accomplished glass blower in addition to being an awesome dental ceramist. Together we can give you the smile you deserve.

  9. Educate yourself on the various forms of sedation.

    Who you are and what you need done will determine which type of sedation dentistry is right for you. The more sedated you are, the greater the risks can be, and the more training a dentist needs to have. Sedation methods include inhalation anesthesia, which you may know as "laughing gas"; oral conscious sedation, which involves taking a sedative pill; intravenous sedation, where you're hooked up to an IV by a dentist with advanced training; and general anesthesia, which requires a trained anesthesiologist.

    The Sedation I use is named Moderate Sedation (previously named Conscious Sedation). The drugs used have a long safety record of over 30 years. Your blood pressure, pulse and breathing are monitored throughout your sedation. Capnography is also used to measure ventillation. All this provides the safety in this Sedation Service.

  10. Make sure your informed consent is truly informed.

    Prior to sedation, you'll be asked to review and sign an Informed Consent form. This will explain details about the procedure and associated risks. Your dentist should be more than willing to take the time to review the form with you and address any concerns you may have.

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