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You can be helped with Sedation Dentistry in Akron, Ohio if you have a fear of the dentist, fear of needles, a bad gag reflex or other problems that prevent you from having regular dental care. Many of our patients experience the same fears as you do so don't feel embarassed. I understand your fears because I use to feel that way too. I have been providing IV Sedation Dental Care for 25 years and have treated many patients with different problems. Everything from simple cleanings to complex care can be done for you while you are sedated.

So, here's how it works. First: You have to get the courage to call and make the appointment. This is not so easy to do because we haven't met yet. That is why I put some videos on the website so you can get to know me a little. We will do our best to make you feel comfortable on your visit. We can just talk together about your concerns.

Second:you will never be judged or made to feel embarassed. Most of our patients haven't been to a dentist for 10 years or longer and they think they are the only chickens.We'll look in your mouth gently and take any necessary x-rays to discover any problems.Then we'll discuss what your wishes are for your dental health.We will let you know how much sedation dentistry costs.We will help to determine if your dental insurance will pay for sedation dentistry.

Third:we'll make you feel comfortable on your sedation appointment day. You will have someone bring you to the office. You can bring your music and headphones to help you relax throughout the appointment. We can give you a warm blanket if needed and pillows to make you more comfortable in the dental chair. Our experienced team will monitor you for the entire visit with our special devices. We can show you these on your first visit.

Fourth:you will go home to relax and maybe you will have a new smile! You will have someone stay with you until the Sedation medication has worn off. Most patients go home and take a nap for the rest of the afternoon.

The sedation medication has an amnesic effect so the next day you won't remember much of your visit.You will probably feel excited that you actually found a way to get through your dental appointment! We'll call to check up on you too.

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